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Jumpstart: An Elite Full Body Training Program

The Jumpstart program gives you the ability to assess, address, and correct muscular imbalances in the body effectively and efficiently, regardless of your industry setting.

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Over 100+ Multicam Instructional Videos

Jumpstart Into MAT videos are step by step, indepth, detailed, and multi-angled to allow for a more well rounded digital learning experience. Our videos go hand in hand with the content presented and are easily accessible on the web as well as iOS and Android devices.

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Who Is Jumpstart Into MAT For

Trusted for over more than two decades to relieve pain and restore mobility by top pro athletes. This educational material has been a total game changer for therapists, trainers, and their clients.

Become A Practitioner

Modalities across the health and wellness industry claim to “activate muscles.” The techniques within our process can definitively assess if a muscle is activated.