The New York Times

Bryson DeChambeau & Greg Roskopf's Golf Revolution.

When not visiting Roskopf every three weeks, DeChambeau works out daily at his home in Dallas, where he has installed each piece of Roskopf’s specialized equipment in his garage.

Men's Health

The MAT Methodology Can Help Fix Your Muscle Imbalances.

A biomechanics expert explains the methods that have helped everyone from John Stockton to Bryson DeChambeau to build stability.

GQ Sports

How Bryson DeChambeau Gained 50lbs to Break Tiger Woods Record.

Greg Roskopf breaks down how he developed the weight training regiment that helped Bryson DeChambeau break Tiger Woods’ record for longest average drive on the tour.


Trainer for Bryson DeChambeau Understands Rush To Judgement.

Greg Roskopf told ESPN’s Gene Wojciechowski that it’s been a three-year process to get to this point and that the golfer was preparing his body for two years before undertaking such change.

USA Today

DeChambeau and Roskopf are the talk of the PGA Masters.

“His body had to tolerate what he was doing,” Roskopf said. “We reactivated his muscles after overload to make him stronger. We’ve seen some amazing changes.”

Sports Illustrated

Muscle Activation Has Added Years To Manning's Portfolio.

“Everybody has a masseuse, but most guys do more now. Last year, when I flew Greg Roskopf to Indianapolis, I was paying him what he’d make all day for his appointments in Denver.”

Golf Channel

How To Get Bryson Big? DeChambeau's Trainer Explains.

Muscle Activation Techniques founder Greg Roskopf explains how DeChambeau bulked up.

Golf Digest

The Lingering Question Around A Bulked Up Bryson.

If DeChambeau is a fitness revolutionary, Roskopf is his spiritual guide. We spoke on the phone last week after the two had just finished a “tune-up” in Denver.


US PGA Championship contender Bulks Up For 1st Championship.

As long as those gains are made in muscle, not fat, and Roskopf does not see any negative effects, such as loss in his range of motion, then he is happy to give the green light.


Bryson DeChambeau’s Strength Coach Talks Big Change.

He’s going to overload his system and break it down, then we’re going to put it back together so that he can progress and get stronger…There’s not many people who have the drive to do what he does to take himself to that next level,” said Roskopf.

Massage Magazine

Muscle Activation Techniques Help Clients Get Out Of Pain For Good.

It is to your advantage as a therapist to have as many tools in your toolbox as possible. Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a tool that can help massage therapists get to the root of clients’ muscle tightness and pain.